• Whitney Hoffman, Hoffman Digital Media

      Whitney Hoffman

      Whitney Hoffman, Hoffman Digital Media 

      [caption id="attachment_187" align="alignright" width="150"] Whitney Hoffman[/caption] I'm the Director and CEO of Hoffman Digital Media, specializing in digital media strategy and content creation and management for the web. I work with businesses and organizations to help them hone and develop a social media and digital media strategy, and speak regularly on this

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    • Anna Lingeris, The Hershey Company

      Anna Lingeris

      Anna Lingeris, The Hershey Company 

      [caption id="attachment_185" align="alignright" width="100"] Anna Lingeris[/caption] Anna Lingeris is the Manager, Brand Public Relations and Consumer Engagement at The Hershey Company. She is responsible for developing amd executing strategic, public relations and consumer engagement campai

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    • Jessica Randazza, Interference Inc

      Jessica Randazza

      Jessica Randazza, Interference Inc 

      Jessica Randazza is Vice President at Interference Inc. and The SuperTouch Group, where she leads strategic development for on- and offline branded consumer experiences for some of the world's leading companies. Focusing in on driving social communication, each unique experience Jessica crafts is built with the promise of creating digital buzz and scaling through word of mouth. With extensions in digital, marketing, social communications, influencer engagement and public relations, Jessica is someone who really gets creative marketing and how to build dead-on strategic campaigns. Her work has

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    • Joshua Unseth, SEO Specialist

      Joshua Unseth

      Joshua Unseth, SEO Specialist 

      Joshua Unseth is a search engine optimization (SEO) analyst from NYC who now lives in Florida. He’s a master at strategizing and scheming about how to do SEO better. You can find Joshua on twitter at @junseth.

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    • Sloane Davidson, Lippe Taylor

      Sloane Davidson

      Sloane Davidson, Lippe Taylor 

      [caption id="attachment_176" align="alignright" width="300"] Sloane Davidson[/caption] Sloane Davidson (@sloane)  is the Senior VP of Digital Marketing at Lippe Taylor and has over 10 years of experience in communications, marketing, strategic p

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    • Katy Knight, Google

      Katy Knight

      Katy Knight, Google 

      [caption id="attachment_168" align="alignright" width="281"] Katy Knight[/caption]Katy Knight is a member of Google's Philadelphia Field Marketing team, a role that has allowed her the opportunity to help hundreds of influencers, from nonprofit organizations to major brands, optimize their web presence by taking advantage of free tools like Google+.

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    • Babette Pepaj, BakeSpace.com/TECHmunch

      Babette Pepaj, BakeSpace.com/TECHmunch 

      Babette Pepaj founded BakeSpace.com in August 2006 as the Web’s first food social network and recipe swap. With virtually no tech industry experience, the former TV producer (and avid baker) has built the site into the largest online community of its kind for food enthusiasts. In the process, she has earned some of the industry’s highest accolades, including back-to-back Webby Award nominations in 2009 and 2010 in the ultra-competitive “Best Social Networking” category. Prior to launching BakeSpace, Babette worked

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    • Nichelle Stephens, Cupcakes Take the Cake

      Nichelle Stephens

      Nichelle Stephens, Cupcakes Take the Cake 

      Nichelle Stephens is a blogger, cupcake enthusiast, editor, event producer and social media strategist. Nichelle is the co-founding editor of Cupcakes Take The Cake, the most popular blog about cupcakes. She is a freelance social media strategist and publicist. She was formerly editor of the NAACP Image Award winning Pepsi We Inspire, a branded lifestyle blog and community for African American women. Nichelle is also the founder of  Keeping Nickels, a personal fina

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    • Albert Yee, Photographer

      Albert Yee

      Albert Yee, Photographer 

      I'm a Philadelphia-based freelance photographer who loves to eat. On any given day, I can be found shooting a CEO portrait, a non-profit fundraiser or a Center City condo. But I do love to take photos of the food I eat at home or out and about. Some of my photos can be found here: http://albertyee.com or on the blog I run with my wife, Katie: http://messyandpicky.com.

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    • Arianna Bastianini, OXO

      Arianna Bastianini

      Arianna Bastianini, OXO 

      Arianna Bastianini heads OXO’s social media efforts and blogger outreach program as part of the company’s in-house Brand Communications team. One of the things Arianna loves most about her job is the room for creativity when it comes to collaborating with bloggers. There are so many unique ways to work together, it’s just a matter of coming up with them! Before diving into the world of food bloggers at OXO, Arianna, originally from Venezuela, held PR and communications roles at Columbia University in New York and specialized in social media campaigns and outreach for CNN International

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