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    I’m the Director and CEO of Hoffman Digital Media, specializing in digital media strategy and content creation and management for the web. I work with businesses and organizations to help them hone and develop a social media and digital media strategy, and speak regularly on this and related topics to groups of all sizes.

    I recently published a book on Differentiated Instruction for Jossey Bass Education with Jenifer Fox; we are both also moderating a group for Edutopia (part of the George Lucas Education Foundation) for Personalized Learning and Differentiated Instruction. You can find out more about this project at our website, http://www.differentiatedinstruction.co

    I produce the LD Podcast, a podcast about learning and learning disabilities; I also produce OB GYN To Go, a podcast for medical resident education.

    I am the Director of Operations for the Podcamp Foundation and have organized Podcamp events in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Podcamp, a Digital Media Unconference, helps bridge the gaps between internet entrepreneurs, marketing and PR professionals, educators, and independent media producers, in a low-key, conversation heavy atmosphere.

    I currently sit on the Technology and Professional Development committees for the Kennett Consolidated School District, as a parent and expert member.

    I regularly present to organizations on a host of topics including Community Building, Social Media and Marketing, How digital media is changing education, how to make your presentations stand out, and how new media/social media effects your business and communication with customers.


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